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Dr. Humes' Compassion

Dr. Humes' Compassion

Dr. Humes stayed with me for hours prior to my surgery.  He paced up and down hastily and did the best to entertain me.

He faked a smile and went on to tell me a vivid story when he injured his spine… The pain came fast like lightning and yet completely unexpectedly…  I trusted him…  I felt safe with him because he is not just a doctor but he was also a patient – who has personally experienced pain in his past…  I could see the agony in his eyes when he scanned my body…  He was not just doing his job but he was actually genuinely concerned for me…

I thought to myself that I was extremely blessed to be in his care.  This must have been the arrangement of Divine Love…  I am in bliss…

The eye specialist finally spoke and told me blandly that my left eye might be permanently blind…

Dr. Humes walked in dressed in his blue surgical gown and leaned in to ask if he can remove a piece of skin behind my ear to patch the other broken areas on my face…

The anesthesiologist masked me and told me that he would hypnotize me with his charm.  He’s a cutie and I was totally out counting down from 100 to 95…

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