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The Hospital

My True Color

My True Color

The helicopter came to pick me up…  A short ride later, I was greeted by a group of ER workers asking me to stay awake…  They thought that I might be broken…  They apologized for the pain any movements might be causing me…  By the look on their faces, I realized that I should be in massive pain and yet I wasn’t…

Somehow I was in bliss…

One of the nurses cut off my expensive tri-suit.  I was completely exposed to a dozen strangers…   Stretched out naked on the gurney, I was completely naked and yet completely peaceful…

What other choices do I have?  I can not move and I can not speak…  This is how I am – right here, right now…  This is how I must be at this moment.  I have no other choice…  Not able to pretend, I can only be me, in the rawest form…

At this moment, I no longer cared how I appeared to the outside world.  Knowing that I am able to breath, I felt a tremendous sense of freedom…

I feel lighter now…  So glad that I can breath…

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