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The Road Never Ends

The 4 year old asked Sensei if a black belt is the highest level of achievement in Aikido.  Sensei smiled kindly and replied “there are many levels of black belts but there is no highest level.”  The 4 year old looked puzzled and slowly walked off the mat.  I sat quietly in Seiza with my eyes closed and smiled.

Two months ago I would have asked the same question.  How would I obtain love, happiness, and understanding?  When can I achieve success, freedom, and enlightenment?  Where does the road end?

Ten years ago I refused to read books without a “proper ending”.  I was so attached wanting to know that my hero succeeds and achieves all of his heart’s desire.  I was never comfortable with the “road never ends” sort of ending.  Even today, people have asked me if my book would have a happy ending.  I just smile and say “yes, my book ends with a happy beginning.”

My beginning is “not-knowing”.  I would like to know if Warner Brothers will finally publish my song this year.  I would want to truly experience “flow” and be Flo this year.  Most importantly, I wish I could find out for sure if the object of my affection would share more intimate moments with me this year.   I wish to experience my life unfold as I travel on this never ending road.

Thanks for sharing a part of my journey as we travel together.  This is the ending and the beginning – the traveler prospers.

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