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Taking a Risk – Path to Innovation

Invest in your idea, take a risk, and watch it turn into gold.

Invest in your idea, take a risk, watch it turn into gold.

“Risk is essential. There is not growth of inspiration in staying within what is safe and comfortable.” – Alex Noble

What would happen to a company if it is not innovating?  What would happen to education if there were no expansions of new knowledge?  What would happen to you and me if we had stopped growing?

I had the opportunity to chat with an ex-coworker over lunch today.  He was frustrated how little the company is willing to risk on innovation.  The amount of dollars the Research department can spend is a fraction of what Development receives.  Even the tools used for cutting edge research are too old to be efficient.  Yet the company speaks of innovation as its culture but somehow forgets to invest in innovation.  Without the proper tools and resources, it is nearly impossible to conduct good scientific research.  On top of that, the company shelves years of scientific research because no one seems to be willing to take a risk in development.  As we know, scientific research is often ahead of its time, and market research will not be catching on until years later.  But without the blessings of the Marketing department, too many breakthrough research were shelved away only to collect dust.

I asked my ex-coworker why so many companies are willing to hold on to their huge amounts of cash instead of reinvesting it into innovation.  He answered,  “FEAR.”  Fear often holds us back when making a decision.  A company often feels much more comfortable sitting with its half a billion dollars in a CD.  Wall Street likes liquidity, doesn’t it?  Why spend the money on possible failures when there’s a guaranteed interest from the bank?  Interesting enough, these possible failures might just turn into the next best cure for cancer.  Fear is probably the reason why companies are not moving ahead based on scientific intuition.  Fear is definitely the reason why many companies are willing to be stagnate and safe instead of stretching further for just a bit more possibility.

Thinking back to my days of stagnation…  I too have chosen to stay constant instead of reaching for just a bit more possibility.  I too have hold on too tightly when I needed to expand.  I too have sold out my personal innovation and growth for the safety of security.  During the days of my safety, I have found that I nearly lost my soul because I was no longer living.

Risk is essential to grow and expand.  For the goodness of self and for the goodness of mankind.  There is no growth of inspiration in staying within what is safe and comfortable, the safety of one’s own boundaries will only one day turn into a jail for the self that slowly kills the soul.  Friends, let’s choose to be courageous with me, let us walk forward – be willing to take a risk, be willing to innovate, and be willing to fulfill our ultimate destiny.

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  1. It was great to read this blog just now!

    I was sitting here wondering about risk vs. security. In seeking publicity for being turned down for a book signing by my local Barnes & Noble, I may have stirred up a reaction to my book that yikes! could lead to it being banned! Is that possible? It’s a book about intimacy – how to create it, how to deepen it, how to share one’s innermost, sacred presence with one’s beloved. Might Barnes & Noble react in a way that will harm rather than improve book sales? Yikes! It’s a book about love, and more love.

    Some risks don’t feel like risks when you first step out on a limb… but to keep going… even if you have no choice, the issues of risk & security become part of the landscape, part of the dance.

    Glad I stopped by, thanks.

    Comment by Diana Daffner | July 30, 2009 | Reply

    • Diana, you are doing the courageous thing to change the world – even when the world is not ready for your insight. Sometimes the light might be too bright for the darkness… It is up to your step by step teaching to bring more and more love and light into the world. When one channel closes, another opens.

      (This is great publicity by the way, people love controversial subjects! Use it! You might wanna talk to my publicity coach Jill Lublin, she’s great!)

      Comment by Flo Li | July 30, 2009 | Reply

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