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Heart Intelligence?

Does the heart have its own source of intelligence?

Does the heart have its own source of intelligence?

“Did you calculate that with your calculator?” I was surprised how quickly my mother came up with the solution to my triple digited multiplication.

“No, I used my heart for the calculation.” She answered calmly.

I laughed.  Calculated with her heart?  Isn’t that oxymoron?  So I asked again if she calculated with her mind or her heart in order to get a grip on reality.

Once again, she answered with certainty, “my heart.”

Interesting answer.  Can the heart really calculate?

The heart pumps one hundred gallons of blood per hour, pulsates one hundred thousand times a day, and supplies its own electrical stimulation that continuously beat day and night.  And the expressed magnetic field of the heart is much greater than that of the mind.

So, with all these bells and whistles, is the heart nearly as “smart” as the mind?  And, does the heart harbor infinite intelligence as masters and sages throughout history have suggested?

I do not know.

What I do know is that I have hunched my back so I can hide my heart.  On top of that, I have also walked leaning forward with my head so I can project my mind.  My mind has always been my pride and joy while my heart a disappointment and sadness.  In a sense, I’ve never really trusted my heart as much as I trusted my mind.  My experience has been bitter heartaches and sour teardrops whenever I “blindly” followed my heart instead of relying on the stability and certainty of my mind.  As you can see, thinking the heart as a source of intelligence makes me tremble in disbelieve…

Yet somehow, I can’t deny the sensibility of the Chinese languge that is so deeply rooted in the heart.  Words such as Love, Think, Attention, Appreciation, Intention are all written with the backing of the heart.  Each of these characters  contain the character HEART.  Even expressions such as “listen with your heart” and “beauty of the inner heart” form the everyday language pattern.  Perhaps there is some truth to the heart intelligence.  I do admit there are days during my deeper meditations, I can tap into a source of infinite patience, love and intelligence around the area of my heart.  I cannot pinpoint the exact location but I do recognize it’s existence.  Yet I have somehow denied its existence time after time…

Perhaps there is something more to heart intelligence.  As Howard Gardner pointed out in his book Frames of Mind that intelligence is far more than mere intellect.  The truth is the human system has many types of intelligences such as logical, spatial, musical, kinesthetic, intrapersonal, and interpersonal.  Perhaps the source of moving beyond our linear one-dimensional thinking is through the intelligence of the heart…

Interesting…  I think it is time for further investigation into this phenomenon called heart intelligence.  I’m ready to gain the knowdlege through data I have collected and find the wisdom in the process.  Are you?  What do you think?  What does your heart say?

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