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How to Survive The 2009 Holiday Season by Listening With Your Heart

Flo Li Holidays

Looking forward to your holiday dinners but not the holiday blues?

How to Survive The 2009 Holiday Season by Listening With Your Heart

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San Diego, CA (PRWEB) November 25, 2009 — The holiday season is a very stressful time for most Americans. Family relationships during the holidays have often triggered conflicts, agitations, and unhappy memories. Within hours of being together, peace and joy can quickly be tossed out of the window. Upon the release of her new book Happiness by Definition, relationships expert Flo Li shows us that we can bring happiness and joy into our everyday lives to transform family dynamics from fizzle to fab.

“The key to a successful relationship is to recognize underneath all the nagging, demands and scrutiny, there is only love.” In her book, Li helps readers to take notice that happiness and love is natural and always exist underneath the clutter of mental conflicts. To some, doubts might linger as they wonder why so many loving individuals still suffer the holiday blues? “Lack of understanding,” says Li. According to the author, so many of us wish to be understood instead of willing to understand. Wishing to be understood can only bring endless headaches because we can never change someone’s mind by forcing a point of view. She advises, “to develop a healthy long-term relationship takes more than just timely communication but also the willingness to see from the other person’s perspective. And to form a healthy family dynamic, it is best to listen with your heart, be honest but tactful, and don’t react.”

The book guides the readers to listen with their hearts and tap into the boundless power of compassion. It magnifies the idea that people can be happy and affectionate by opening their hearts, by listening without reacting and imposing the need to be right. Happiness by Definition creates more opportunities to communicate honestly with oneself as well as another and by taking the other person’s feelings into consideration. For sure, it is simple but it will not be easy. Just like carving a turkey, the first time might be a mess but the more practice, the more graceful a healthy communication will become. And yes, this holiday season can truly be peace and joy without all the drama of the holiday blues.

More about the book, check out http://tinyurl.com/happinessbd

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What is…


stirring you and me into homogeneity...

What is love, but the energy of nature;

What is passion, but the recognition coupled with a longing to become one;

What is sex, but the activate participation to stir you and me into homogeneity.

I thought I knew, yet words constructed mechanically turns into nothing but nonsensible lies…

I thought I knew, yet my mind had planned my sim-world under the cage of karma…

Now I feel, I sense, I embody, and I’m confused…

I thought I knew… I had read, I had learned, and I had memorized.

Yet nothing I learned showed me how to feel…

Now I CAN feel – the truth that always whispered within…


To know intellectually is to distort,

To know by heart opens the gateway to inspiration,

To know within the body is to truly be – Tis embodiment resonates the energy of natural Tao.

Today I might have touched the grace of God with the confusion of my mind.

I still hear the heavy sound of old bondage…

May God bless our hearts to one day experience the freedom of being, love, passion, and sex.

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The Moon

A Reflection of Purity

I’m sorry earth, my senseless acts have hunted your life;

I’m sorry mother, my egoic tension has cut deeper into your wounds;

I’m sorry father, my light walked away from your darkness;

I’m sorry self, my denial of your being has chained you in the dungeon;

I’m sorry friend, my deviation from the truth delayed your growth;

I’m sorry lover, my fear hijacked the beauty of my affection;

I’m sorry teacher, my need to fit in hindered the speed of my progress;

I’m sorry pen, my need to feel safe manipulated the truth of your ink;

I’m sorry Being, my ignorance rejected the return to emptiness – the source of Purity.

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The Price of an Open Heart

4 Love

Opening the heart allows the intensity of consciousness to flow through - let us experience the depth of becoming. (Fractal art title - 4 corners of love - copyright http://www.FloLi.com)

The Price of an Open Heart

The blissful and accursed price of consciousness,

Once realized can never retreat.

Every choice creates harmony or distress;

Every breath emanates love or contracts fear;

Every thought conscious or unconscious slices through life to heal or to separate.

How material and uncaring ignorance once lived!

Now the pain of knowing…

The desire to stay within blind achievement darkens the sky.


Walk on… this path is a rightful duty of mine.

Let the sword cut.

Let the body trumble.

Let the heart cry.

To live is to know.

To love deeply and intimately within life is to live with an open heart.

This path is mine.

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Love’s Angelic Wings


Love and its spectrum of beauty. True love is not what they have painted it to be. It triggers with pain yet shines with glory that uplifts you into the embrace of its angelic wings.

Have you wondered what love is?

I have come to know that most people don’t know what love is.  They see what might look promising on the outside in terms of common interest and shared experiences while never getting deep inside to what is truly important.

Love is deeper than what you do together.  It is a way of being, a way of relating, and a way to mutual growth.  A passive friend who is difficult to connect with saw the outside images and believed it to be love yet she never opened up her eyes to see the deeper love brewing in front of her eyes.  I can’t help but wonder how many people go through life just by acting out the motions of living instead of truly being engaged with every moment.  What I saw in her was a sense of innocent beauty coupled with ice cold denial.  She grabbed onto the pictures of pretend perfection and turned her cheeks away from the embrace of true love.  It played the melody into the highest glory yet she did not hear.  She tightly grabbed onto what she knew.  I shed her tears and it turned into snow.  I secretly hoped that one day she will wake up to the true sunshine of love – the love that is filled with intimacy, uncertainty, wonder, confusion, tenderness, understanding, healing, forgiveness, non-judgment, acceptance, joy, freedom, beauty, fear, courage, momentary attachment, sparks of inspiration; love that makes you be on the edge, inspires you to give yourself completely, pushes you through your own boundaries, and shines with endless glory…

Today I am fulfilled.  How lucky am I to experience the depth of true love and its full spectrum of beauty.  How warm, turbulent yet romantic this past year has danced within us.  How blessed I truly am to be immersed within the love right in front of my eyes.  My heart sings to all the colors of his beauty.  He shall have my undying gratitude and I shall say to him “yes, it is MAGIC!”

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