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The Price of an Open Heart

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Opening the heart allows the intensity of consciousness to flow through - let us experience the depth of becoming. (Fractal art title - 4 corners of love - copyright http://www.FloLi.com)

The Price of an Open Heart

The blissful and accursed price of consciousness,

Once realized can never retreat.

Every choice creates harmony or distress;

Every breath emanates love or contracts fear;

Every thought conscious or unconscious slices through life to heal or to separate.

How material and uncaring ignorance once lived!

Now the pain of knowing…

The desire to stay within blind achievement darkens the sky.


Walk on… this path is a rightful duty of mine.

Let the sword cut.

Let the body trumble.

Let the heart cry.

To live is to know.

To love deeply and intimately within life is to live with an open heart.

This path is mine.

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