Heart Opening Moments

BLOG of a Spiritual Stripper

What is…


stirring you and me into homogeneity...

What is love, but the energy of nature;

What is passion, but the recognition coupled with a longing to become one;

What is sex, but the activate participation to stir you and me into homogeneity.

I thought I knew, yet words constructed mechanically turns into nothing but nonsensible lies…

I thought I knew, yet my mind had planned my sim-world under the cage of karma…

Now I feel, I sense, I embody, and I’m confused…

I thought I knew… I had read, I had learned, and I had memorized.

Yet nothing I learned showed me how to feel…

Now I CAN feel – the truth that always whispered within…


To know intellectually is to distort,

To know by heart opens the gateway to inspiration,

To know within the body is to truly be – Tis embodiment resonates the energy of natural Tao.

Today I might have touched the grace of God with the confusion of my mind.

I still hear the heavy sound of old bondage…

May God bless our hearts to one day experience the freedom of being, love, passion, and sex.

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The Moon

A Reflection of Purity

I’m sorry earth, my senseless acts have hunted your life;

I’m sorry mother, my egoic tension has cut deeper into your wounds;

I’m sorry father, my light walked away from your darkness;

I’m sorry self, my denial of your being has chained you in the dungeon;

I’m sorry friend, my deviation from the truth delayed your growth;

I’m sorry lover, my fear hijacked the beauty of my affection;

I’m sorry teacher, my need to fit in hindered the speed of my progress;

I’m sorry pen, my need to feel safe manipulated the truth of your ink;

I’m sorry Being, my ignorance rejected the return to emptiness – the source of Purity.

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