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Laughing Enlightenment

Amorsinlimites by Tania Alcala

I can see now! (Amorsinlimites by Tania Alcala, copyright)

Laughing Enlightenment

Awakened amid somber night.
Burst of joy!
Incessant smile…
Laughing OUT LOUD!

“I get it!”
It did not come through logic,
But emerged through the murkiness of the night.

” I did it!”
Ah… How the cosmos shifted around to show me my way
That I am a powerful creator.
Darkness turns into sparks of light.

I pretended to be a helpless actress,
Forgetting my role as the script writer.

How hilarious this whole thing is,
How immersed this whole lie was,
How pretentious this whole world lives!

It was I who created my life,
It was I who shifted reality,
It was I who choose to match an easier frequency…

Such sophisticated yet simple intricacies,
Such illusive yet genuine connections,
Such subtle yet profound beauty.

I – was dormant,
Now awakened.

December 18, 2009 Posted by | Death & Rebirth, poetry, Self Realization | , , , | 3 Comments