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Erotic Poignance of Life

Femme Glow

Femme Glow - Copyright 2009 Flo Li http://www.MicroscopicExpressionsOfSpirituality.com

Erotic Poignance of Life

Have you experienced the energy of an orgasm?
Seeding from the base of your spine
Expanding upward
Leaving traces of tinkles
Then finally exploding through the interior of your heart…

Have you felt the touch of a water drop?
Emerging wetness on a summer day
Embracing every molecule
Kissing every micro
And completely arousing every electron…

Have you sensed the warmth of red wine?
Cold crisp glass against soft tender lips
Slipping against the roughness of your tongue
Oozing its smoky crimson nectar
Devoting all spectrums of its taste in union into you…

Have you inhaled the scent of a white rose?
Longing for your gaze
Shyly whispering incessant perfume
Heartbreaking poignance of courageous brilliance
Lasting beyond the end of time melting into the stars at bay…

Have you lived every moment of the day?
Sinking deeply
Vibrating joyfully
Caressing delicately
Appreciating graciously
Realizing you are dancing in the center of eternity – part of a divine play…

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  1. The topic of erotic nature of our lives is often a tabooed subject. Erotic does not mean porn. It is beyond that of the sexual desires. One day I told a girl friend how much I love books because of the scent of the pages, the touch against my finger tips, the weight it contains, and the vibrations of the words I feel inside. She jokingly said “oh, that’s right, you have sex with books!” Innocent enough, but it shows how our society have placed erotism next to pornography. Women are bad if they savored the lingering taste of wine a bit too long. She is then labeled as a temptress as if her desire to connect with God/Universe/All That Is is a behavior to gain power and to exploit men and her simply act of truly tasting the wine becomes a tool of seduction. It can be but often enough it is not necessarily true. I taste every drop of my wine because I long to connect with the flavors and sense the taste, texture, and aroma as it travels into me. How I enjoy my wine has nothing to do with you. If I choose to pull out my tool of seduction, it will probably seem staged and awkward, therefore not genuinely believable anyway.

    Our narcissistic nature have lead us to believe that everyone in this world is doing what they do for our benefit or against our benefit. The truth is, no one does anything for or because of us. We are all in our own world of projection, navigating through our own difficulties, and transforming our own pain. With agreement I will spend my time, energy and love to help you find your love again but nothing I do or say outside of that is because of you. Each of our behavior is a reflection of us and our connection to God. So as I linger the touch of your hand or gaze deeply into your eyes it does not mean I want to sleep with you, it simply means that “I see you”. Just as in Avatar, I sense and I see the real you, underneath the masks you wear.

    So let go your judgement against erotism and embrace our inherent goddess sensing nature of being. If you allow yourself to truly feel, you are only bringing yourself one step closer to God.

    Comment by Flo Li | December 30, 2009 | Reply

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