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The interview with Eiji from Genius Squared Trainings was amazing today. On the call, I delievered 5 simple ways you can use right away to be happier and healthier. It is fascinating that all areas of our lives are connected. So if you work on one part, another part will click in as well. By noticing our body, we can then adjust our mind, and improve our health and happiness, therefore really live our fullest potential. Click on the link below to access the reply from this morning’s call.

How to be happier and healthier in 2010 with these 5 simple techniques!

In this call you will learn

1) How to appear slimmer in 5 seconds
2) How to work on your abs without working on your abs
3) How to reduce your daily stress
4) How to have more satisfying relationships
5) How to feel more loved and fulfilled on a daily basis

I have also launched www.InnerSuccessBlueprint.com which is an improved version of i-Teles without the VC money backing us up. This is entrepreneurship at its core baby! I’m using mostly friends and social networking to take this site live. Take a look at the video and I would be interested to know your feedback and any suggestions for improvements!

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