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The Goal is Love

Baby Roxy remote control

Baby Roxy is a joyful fuzz ball of Love

The goal is Love.

When you watch wars been fought, companies lie on their financial statements, politicians manipulate the public to gain popularity, do you ever wonder what personal goals each of us aim and are these goals creating conflict or harmony in the world? Could there be a goal that all of us can aim for in order to create a truly harmonious and peaceful society?

I think I have found the answer, that goal is love.

Since my first psychology class I found many egotistical tendencies  in all of us that we often tell ourselves “the ends justify the means” – and often times being severely goal oriented can have devastating effects. Wars are fought in the name of peace; books are fixed when the bottom line needs to be reached for the investors; and lies are told in order to gain trust and secure votes. When the ends justify the means, we all suffer and peace is lost.

Have you ever asked yourselves, how do we facilitate peace on earth and if there is a sensible goal we can all agree on – YES! That goal is love.

And this is what I learned from my 13-week old puppy Baby Roxy. In the past two months, Baby Roxy became my ambassador for peace yet she never told me that creating peace was her goal. She lives her life with zest and zeal while she radiates love.

The mother of an addict felt depressed for the past several years and have not smiled for a long time. The day Baby Roxy ran up to this mother, waged her tail enthusiastically while making a cute babyish squeaking noise while kissing the mother’s feet, tears fall. Later that week the mother told me that she finally remembered how to smile again. The overworked CEO was walking his dog down the bluff while texting on his blackberry. He too was surprised by the kisses on his toes and woke up suddenly and told me that he was living in his head all these years and have forgotten the power of a genuine touch. Two arguing surfers on the beach were about to hit each other as one of them suddenly smiled when he saw the jumping puppy running circles between them. Within minutes they talked to apologized to each other while thanking Baby Roxy profusely by holding her high up in the air and giving her endless kisses.

The best part of Baby Roxy is that everything she does is magical – every breathe, every step, and every gaze is based on love. I’ve never seen so many spontaneous laughters from busy strangers and I’ve never seen so many heartwarming tears from lonely seniors. Within weeks of her life, she became the local celebrity and the target of hundreds of paparazzi.

Can we all take a moment to allow a deep breath and ask ourselves what is our personal goal? What is the goal of an insurance company but to help people have a peace of mind? Then can we do that job out of love? What is the goal of a biotech researcher but to help people be healthier? Then can we do that job out of love? What is the goal of a computer programmer but to make people’s lives easier? Then can we do that job out of love? What is the goal of a police man but to keep people safe? Then can we do that job out of love? Take a moment to close your eyes and allow another deep breath. Ask yourselves how can you incorporate the goal of love when you work, when you play, and even when you are stuck in traffic? Can you feel the difference this might make?

As we open our eyes to welcome more peace into our lives, remember the difference Baby Roxy made in just a few weeks of her existence. I trust you can make a much bigger difference in all the lives around you by living our of your heart to guide your head. I trust you too can make a huge difference just by radiating love out of your heart no matter where you are and what you do.

This time, the ends can justify the means when the goal is love – that is what I learned from Baby Roxy.

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Ending is a New Beginning


Ikkyu-san was one of my first childhood loves - bashful smile, shaved head, and mischievously intelligent

An Iranian father was asked by a handsome rich doctor for his daughter’s hand in marriage. He thought it was a great idea given his daughter would live a good life with this well-mannered doctor but she said, “papa, a nice man is not enough, there are certain characteristics of him I do not care for.”

The Iranian father gave me the same advice learned from his daughter as he kindly asked for the reasons of my recent breakup. “He is a nice man but trust me everything happens for a reason. You are still young. You never know, the next man might be the one.”

A silent drop of tear snuck out as I tensed up my body to hold in my breath. I didn’t want him to see how torn I really am.

I guess I have been searching for the one since I was six years old. The moment that seven year old monk blushed as he saw the six year curious girl from the corner of his eyes during meditation, she fell in love. This six year old girl did not know of love but she was certain she wanted to spend more time with him. She was fond of him and in a silly way she felt as if only he could understand her. Soon enough she was heartbroken when he did everything he could to avoid her presence.

After 26 years I can still see the little monk’s bashful smile, shaved head, and slightly off-white robe.

Later that year as I turned seven years old I immersed myself into Ikkyu-San – the Japanese anime where Ikkyu is a little boy with a bashful smile, shaved head and a white gi who trained to be a monk at Ankokuji Temple in Japan. He is famous of being mischievous and a known troublemaker. He is extremely smart, which always helped him to get out of all sorts of sticky situations and won battles over those who are bigger and stronger. The way he pushed the mop in front of him as he ran across the endless meditation hall during his daily cleaning ritual captured the depth of my heart. I found myself choked up with tear and not knowing the reasons why.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always secretly held a longing to find the one who can once again touch the depth of my soul like Ikkyu did. Regardless the various ways I have kept my past boyfriends at an arm’s length, I couldn’t help but wonder if “he is the one” each time I fall in love. My recent ex is a dark Hawaiian surfer I met last summer. He is well-mannered and nurturing. Each time I woke up next to his smile I questioned myself if he is the one I choose to be with for the rest of my life. He wanted our fairy tale fantasy like relationship to last forever but I wasn’t sure. Some men make good boyfriends and others make good husbands. He was certainly the best boyfriend I’ve ever had but as I’m beginning to realize that my deepest desire is to be married with children, I didn’t think our lifestyles would coincide with one another. There are some characteristics of him that others might embrace but I would rather shy away from. In a way, I’m glad things have taken its natural course to end abruptly.

Looking into the living room where we shared many heart opening moments, I allowed the tears rush out as I feel the weight of such heavy murky emptiness. I am once again on my own. It feels sad yet hopeful. It is time. It is time to move on. Goodbye love. And hello life once again. The traveler walks on.

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The Contrast of Black and White

I know of two men.
One tough, one tender.
One muscular, one slim.
One proud, one humble.
Seduction of my head the first man takes.
That is what I know.
Gifts of jewels, drinks of intoxication, demonstration of affection…
That is what I know.
Softens my heart the second man melts.
That is what I feel.
Moments of glistening, gazes of sagacity, breath of eternity…
That is what I feel.
Who will I soar with into the infinite height?
Jump into worldly intoxication I must.
I choose to give it a try.
Crimson wine, golden lipstick, silver bracelet, black dress, dazzling vulgarity.
Exciting, grandiose, pretentious, dangerous… empty have I.
BOOM! The masterpiece turns to dusty counterfeit, crumbles at night.
Wake me up from this dream I pray insight.
Looking into the mirror I finally see why.
For he the grand is I with contrived bravado inside.
Now I have learned the true colors of black and white.
Tomorrow I wish to dream a different dream.
Closing my eyes I finally feel alright.
For he the fond is what I choose to stride.
Now I have gained the true peace of black and white.
Ying within the Yang

Contrasting Black and White - Ying within the Yang

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