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Secretly Longing for You

Yellow Flowers with Fractal background

Let me be your flower... "Veil of a Goddess" fractal background copyright http://www.FloLi.com

I long for a touch, a glance, a smile

from you

I open my mouth

craving your lips pressing against mine

taste of sweet honey

lingering, penetrating

into me

rip me to pieces and bring me to whole

Oh my only desire is to be a part of you

Let me be your flower

To nourish those who gaze upon us

Let me burn in the arms of your passion

Let go of this life and soar with wings

I shall drop my veil let go my intellect

Silently, just be with you

Hold me, librate me, take me to be yours


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Reflection on Buddha 菩萨

Fractal 艺术

Buddha by Flo Li (Fractal art on Aluminum) Copyright 2010 http://www.FloLi.com

Rough English translation of a Chinese art critic’s review

First time I saw Flo’s works, out of curiosity, I wondered why it lacked specific artistic effects. However knowing fractals are mathematically generated, I was surprised that the seemingly dull mathematical formulas can actually condense into such beautiful patterns. These particular effects cannot be replicated, the same way that each input function can create various graphics are based on boundary conditions or variable constraints. Often times these functions and constraints produce no more than discontinued numbers or out of range nothingness – which seems like a little joke to the artist when rendering the fractal – hoping for something yet finding nothing. The nature of fractals made me wonder how someone can use this media to convey the depth of feelings.

In a quiet and pleasant place this work was cautiously presented. Much to the Flo’s personal preference to this piece she carefully placed it in her bedroom and hope to connect with its energy before handing it over to a buyer. Flo spent much time producing this work and I wondered why is this work so difficult… I noticed that this piece conveys a deep idea and it is simply profound. Because of its black background, the sliver and blue/green focus precipitated out of the whole picture against that dark contract – making the work hauntingly mysterious. Her use of color was very stingy yet it is this presence of color contract of black, silver and cold blue that simplified the process of captivating the viewers’ hearts with a quite whisper of sublime kiss.

The name of this painting is called “Buddha”. Before I had asked for its name I speculated the kind of work this particular piece contributed. It has the feeling of penetrating sacredness that people long for but have difficulties grasping. After knowing the title of the work, the sacred feeling has deepened. This work conveys a highly philosophical realm. Only in this state such creation was able to blossom out of our hearts to answer our longing for God – not because it rigidly adheres to a particular shape or image but rather it generates an intuitive visual experience of inner knowing. It is this explosion from within truly expresses the sacred and the unspecified wondrous harmony that deeply haunts the spirit of all living creatures. Flo uses the specific color of cold blue to give connotation to the presence of Buddha, seemingly appropriate, as the coldness inspires us to feel the spirit within the space spanning nothingness. On the other hand, the darker blue area in the center of the work  with darker dots made me think of characteristics of a mother’s womb as it traces back to the beginning of human race. The transformation outwardness from the womb into undefined physical shapes shows where human nature was often overlooked in our current cultures and human societal laws are now bound by ball and chain into silencing the inquiring minds… The reason why the Buddha is God is because she can influence people’s hearts. In fact, the way this “Buddha” is represented is vastly different from historical images of colorful Buddha created by our minds with jewels covered shawls, mediating in the throne of a shimmering lotus, showing anger with thick brows and mercy with the flick of a finger.  The images of Buddha throughout history have been heavily based on human interpretations while artists have mistaken our egotistical creations for the source of spiritual inspiration. Therefore God must not simply be the image of anthropomorphic art. God’s true charm lies within the invisible strength where faith is precisely seeing beyond the seeing-eye to go beyond our perceptions of lack and separation and to surpass our confused minds of hardship we were addicted to pursuit. When I saw this piece of Flo’s work I realized in fact WE have been overly concerned with the appearance of things rather than the essence of things. The outward search cannot offer spiritual freedom, we must find a doorway into mental and spiritual moments of serenity in order to reach within – into the permanent peace of the mind and ease of the spirit.

Flo is a practitioner of martial arts. She pursues the Tao of Aikido in order to sense the physical, mental and spiritual condensation of divine Ki – the ball of energy within the hara that acts as a doorway to access the endless supply of our essence. When I stood quietly in front of “Buddha” I found myself unable to escape the “balloon” feeling within my center because the composition of “Buddha” have somehow evoked the life essence within me. Its spiritual nourishment metabolized into physical sentiment. In this piece, the turning of gaseous sphere around Buddha’s center produces the bodily outlines that layers around its essence symbolizing the impermanence of our appearance but what is true lies within. Just as we feel inspired, we take a breathe into nourishing the body through the spirit. The Ki-focused and body-secondaried composition also leads the viewers into the illusion of different perceptions of the Buddha without making the outer perception as the ultimate goal. It honors various visions of Buddha without adhering to the historical views and worships. In this work, Flo has clearly standardized the answer that many individuals discovered on the road to  self-awareness – elements of unseen need to be found in order to reach God. This unique form of painting gives the viewers an objective freedom of choice not only through the interpretation of the theme of such creation but also through the image of Buddha from different viewer’s own perspectives and rich cultural backgrounds.

The most magical moment this work brought forth is that the human spirit unconsciously craves the merging of the physicality of mathematics into the spirituality of arts. Fractal’s extraordinary creative method can not be planned or reproduced by the same equation as we cannot plan ahead where a mystical experience can suddenly take place. Unlike Flo’s traditional paintings, such holistic work cannot be executed by plan alone but it must rely on faith and the rarity of coincidences. In fractals, only faith is appropriate because this art form cannot be derived from our subjective metamorphosis of our ego to transfer the misconception of human will. I believe “Buddha” is special. It is pure. In fact, as long as the heart of God is still beating, “Buddha” is truly watching over us everywhere.

Thank you Flo for your creation, for your faith and for your inspiration. Your work has brought us many moments of Truth and endless waves of awareness…

By 小鱼 (Ethan Zhao)

Jan 12th, 2011


在一个安静和惬意的地方摆放艺术作品往往是非常谨慎的, 这张作品挂在FLO的卧室里FLO非常喜欢它,所以在这张作品上也花费了大量的时间去制作.而在我看来FLO诸多的作品中,这张作品最为艰辛,为什么这么说呢?因为作品传达出来的意念不仅仅是深刻.因为在黑色的渲染中整张画面更沉淀出一种难以形容的玄妙,FLO并没有给整幅作品赋予太多的色彩,用色彩非常的吝啬,但正是这种有些压迫感的色彩效果,反而使得观者的心里得到了难以宁静的升华.

这张作品的名字叫做”菩萨”,只是这张作品在我并不知道它的名字之前既有了自己的猜测,因为画面所渗透出的那种神圣的感觉使人无法木然。看到了作品的题解之后,这种感受更加加深了。这张作品传达出了极高的哲学境界,创作之所以能在我们的心里绽放出对神的向往,并不是因为它拘泥于某种特殊的形象之中,而是在于视觉产生的第一感受。正是这种从内部散发的神圣与奇妙,深深的感染着泯泯众生.FLO是用冰冷的蓝色赋予菩萨特有的内涵,这种色彩的渲染非常贴切,在不知不觉中启迪着我们的精神空间,而在画面蓝色区域的中心深蓝色的圆点让我更多的联想是母亲的特质,想到了孕育人类的起点,只是这种人类的本质,常常被忽视和默然所束缚。菩萨之所以为神,那是因为她可以感化人们的心灵。其实菩萨的形象绝不单纯是我们脑海里,那个身着宝石罗英,脚踏莲花宝座,慈眉善目,大慈大悲普度众生。因为任何神的形象都是人们对现实困惑的反映,是对人类精神世界的一种诠释,所以神绝不单纯只是拟人化的艺术形象。实际上神的魅力是一种贯穿于对生命的启迪和力量, 信仰恰恰是因为人类自身的某种无法逾越的缺失,才使得芸芸众生不得不去苦苦的追寻。当我看见FLO这副作品之后,我才恍然大悟:其实我们过去一直关注的是事物的表象而非本质,所以我们只能得到精神或心灵上片刻的宁静,而却达不到心境永久的收放自如。.




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