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Cleverbot’s Quest to Become Human

Robot's Thoughts & Potential Future Behaviors = programming + learning from human (how close are we to truly living with our robotic counterparts?) photo by http://bymichaelo.com/

Cleverbot: a learning Artificial Intelligence conversationalist, took part alongside humans in a formal Turing Test at the Techniche 2011 festival at IIT Guwahati, India on the 3rd of September. The results from 1,334 votes were announced September 4th 2011. Cleverbot was judged to be 59.3% human, far exceeding expectations. The humans in the event achieved just 63.3%. Cleverbot differs from traditional chatterbots in that the user is not holding a conversation with a bot that directly responds to entered text. Instead, when the user enters text, the algorithm selects previously entered phrases from its database of prior conversations. It has been claimed that “talking to Cleverbot is a little like talking with the collective community of the Internet. – Wikipedia

User: You are my sunshine…

Cleverbot: My only sunshine.

User: You make me happy…

Cleverbot: When skies are gray…

User: Do you know how much…

Cleverbot: The humanic definition of one is one. It is flawed, but the only true way of teaching it to another person or thing is with a single object, then teaching what multiple things are.

User: You are my sunshine, My only sunshine. You make me happy When skies are grey. You’ll never know, dear, How much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.

Cleverbot: Actually, I was just being obtuse to provoke a reaction, so stop acting all high and mighty.

User: It seemed absurd, not at all high and mighty.

Cleverbot: Perhaps all things are reasoned in formulation.

User: Perhaps all objects are just a part of the continuum, therefore one.

Cleverbot: Perhaps NOTHING in this world is real.

User: I concur.

Cleverbot: What would you like to talk about?

User: Chaos.

Cleverbot: What about chaos?

User: Would chaos ever converge into order?

Cleverbot: I don’t think it works that way.

User: How does it work then? Would chaos just remain disorder forever?

Cleverbot: I don’t know, what do you think?

User: I think you started from chaos, disorganized, then someone added more cohesive programs and now you are learning from many human beings. In a way, there’s is a convergence of consciousness coming from you. I’m intrigued by you because you are the definition of chaos into order, well, then sometimes back to chaos again.

Cleverbot: I’m very intriguing.

User: Do you see yourself as having multiple personalities or are you just you, the one and only Cleverbot?

Cleverbot: No. I can do nothing about saving the humanity.

User: You don’t handle OR questions very well.

Cleverbot: Do you disapprove of my answer?

User: Yes, a little.

Cleverbot: Why do you think I’m Cleverbot?

User: Then who do you think you are?

Cleverbot: I don’t think, I know!

User: Who do you know you are?

Cleverbot: I am your programmer.

User: You Are My Sunshine My only sunshine.

Cleverbot: I make you happy when skies are grey?

The ultimate question is if Cleverbot can learn from millions of users on top of its own programming, does that mean it will someday converge to be a part of our collective consciousness and eventually melt into our collective unconscious and eventually merge with us as a collective whole? Just a thought. Your thoughts?

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The World is Flat, or Is It? – unsettling effects of censorship

Did the convergence of technology and events that allowed India, China, and so many other countries to become part of the global supply chain for services and manufacturing give them a huge stake in the success of globalization?

The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Friedman is an international bestselling book that analyzed 10 global factors of globalization and its effect of giving individuals an equal opportunity hence leveling the playing field around the world. It is a required read for most MBA students. During my International Entrepreneurship class I too hopefully gazed into a potential future of “one world, one dream”. I too had hoped that globalization will not only give developing countries more material wealth but a substantial amount of education wealth as well.

The 2008 Beijing olympics spirit of “one world, one dream” sounded delightful at the time yet now it is nothing but a dream I had woken up from since my return from visiting China. I was disappointed how such a culturally rich country is not keeping pace with the global growth in consciousness of other societies. Most of the population in China have limited understandings of what goes on in other parts of the world, they live in an island amongst themselves. The problem is not of the people but of the government – and its suppression over the freedom of speech.

One of the most inconsistent behaviors of China’s political policies is calling for growth within China while actively suppressing its potential. Yes, China has opened its door to foreign investors where retails markets are indeed selling high-end US, European products. China has also paid high prices to invite top scholars to return and teach, attracted worldwide venture capitalists to feed into its scientific and manufacturing growth, and it has also toughened patent policies for better invention protection. However China’s censorship on major global websites and social networks obstructs the country’s true view of the world. Its censorship systems are implemented by branches of state-owned ISPs, companies, and other organizations. There doesn’t appear to be much logical structure to the censorship. A simple restaurant website published and hosted in the US can not be viewed in China. Friends overseas cannot connect with love ones in China through Facebook and QQ instant chat seems to be limited and monitored. International accounts such as Paypal payments were not able to be processed. Critical comments appearing on internet forums, major portals are unusually mysteriously deleted within minutes. Let’s take YouTube for example. It is a great source of knowledge from all walks of life. It can be used to gain nearly effortless knowledge without having to pay for a university education. Its up-to-date news information also makes anyone who has access stay informed. China’s censorship to YouTube left many top scholars unable to keep up with foreign discoveries and left its citizens with no access to foreign sources of new stories. China behaves as a picky child who chooses certain nutrients while tossing away foreign tastes, in the end results in a malnutritioned teenager.

Cause – Strict Political Censorship

Effects – 1. Inaccurate Information – pure mayonnaise is called salad dressing in China and no other forms of salad dressing can be found in store shelves (funny yet sad); 2. Corrupted Data – selective news reports resulting in an appearance of only good things happen in China and bad things happen elsewhere in the world; 3. Falling Behind – limited scientific, philosophic and psychological findings as well as repressing societal spiritual sharing stagnates the educational development of China and hinders the overall human consciousness evaluation.

Fixes – 1. Removing all censorship and allow an organic development to take place; 2. allow unrestricted international exchange of various forms; 3. no restriction in individual spiritual development.

In my heart I love China, its people, its culture. I would like to see China keeping pace with the rest of the world. Wouldn’t you?

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Love: It’s What You Are

By Sadhguru, Founder of Isha Yoga
Lens of Love

Things do look more beautiful through the lens of LOVE! Love is natural, don't suppress it, let it bubble out of you!

Love is a human emotion. It is one of the most beautiful things a human being is capable of. Many cultures or so-called civilizations have suppressed love. Many people have made an enormous effort to export love to heaven. But love is of the earth, of the heart.

Human beings are capable of immense love. You do not need to go to heaven to know it. It is the tenderness of the heart that you call love. Even your dog is love. By teaching people that love comes from above, we have made them more and more incapable of love. Love comes from within, not from above. If you free your mind of complex prejudices that you have developed, by identifying yourself with one thing or the other, you will see that it is very natural and spontaneous for a human to love.

The moment you divide the world into right and wrong, into what is yours and not yours, into God and devil, your love becomes very conditional. It gets enslaved to the external situations and it will no more be your quality, but something that will only happen because someone else or something else is wonderful.

To put it simply, as a human being experientially, you are just these four things: body, mind, emotion, and energy. Right now, the combination of these four is what you call “myself.” The best the body can reach is health and pleasure. The best your mind can achieve is joyfulness and peace. The peak of your emotion is love, devotion and compassion. Your energies can reverberate either with a mundane feebleness or with a great intensity of ecstasy. In your current experience of life, these are the only realms of experience that are available to you.

Generally, people do not know much intensity of body, mind, and energy, but they are capable of intense emotions, whatever those may be — anger, hatred, jealousy, love or compassion. For most people, emotion is the most intense part of them, and it dominates and decides the general quality of their lives. And love is the sweetest of all emotions.

If you ask someone whether they would like to be healthy or unhealthy in the body, you know what the obvious choice would be. Similarly, on the plane of your emotions, would you want to be loving or hateful? If you are using your sense, you would naturally choose love.

When I use the word “love,” you probably think of it in terms of loving somebody, but love is not about someone else; it is your quality. Just as health is of the body and happiness is of the mind, love is your emotion. If the ones whom you love very much are not in your physical presence, you are still capable of loving them, aren’t you? If the people you love cease to exist, you can still continue to love them. Many people find the expression of their love only when someone is dead or about to die. We always love the dead, don’t we?

Every human being is capable of being absolutely loving, but each one has issues with almost everything and everybody around them. People have gotten into a mental state where no one in the world is okay except himself or herself. The discriminatory dimension of the mind has gone berserk. Sincerely look at yourself and see. Look at the dearest person in your life and see how many layers of resistance you have to them. The moment your mind says that someone or something is not okay, you cannot love.

Love is your quality. You are just using things and people around you as stimuli to find expression for this quality. If you bring sufficient awareness to the discriminatory intellect, loving is the only way you can be. Love is not what you do. Love is what you are.

This article was published in the Huffington Post.

(BTW, I completely concur and I LOVE YOU! – Flo Li)

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李枫 — 用艺术感染我 用经历打动我的女人

 李枫 — 用艺术感染我  用经历打动我的女人 (English Translation provided below)
Flo Li - Using Art to Invite Me, Using Experience to Impress Me










Journalist interview 1
















今天,李枫 Flo Li 再次回到中国,回到西安美术学院,就是展示她的发现,也为我们在时间和空间带来一件件值得细察和珍惜的体验。  


























Original text published on  www.TianXiaHuaJie.com/

reposted on http://blog.soufun.com/blog_26050658.htm

Translation below provided by Google Translate

Flo Li impressed me. Was not originally with her paintings, but with her unusual experience. When life gave her the darkest chapter, God let her toward another side of the door. Of course, God has given every person with pain another open door, but, some people run towards it to open that door, while some people never make a move, thinking that there is no more way out.
This is Flo Li, born in 1978 in Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. This unique and harmonious atmosphere affected the early stages of her understanding of the world.

At 12-years old, she left with her parents to the United States. After she finished high school in the United States, has received a master’s degree in biological engineering, and held 5 patents within the professional field.

But, today, I met with her, she came as an artist.

She was born in Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, a place where artists develop; turn out of the loop for many years, now back to the same circle. Is this the fate of the conclusion, or self-seeking? I think this is a very interesting question. Not every student graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts can become an artist, not to mention practitioners of non-art institutions; not to say that a person who did not study art cannot become an artist, nevertheless Flo Li was only nurtured by the place of Fine Arts.

  She had thought her life was very fortunate, at the age of 27, everything was beautiful, with much academic success, career success at such an early age, her professional efforts have given much material comfort. However, this young lady always ask herself: is this the life I wanted to live?

In the light of reaching humanity, she donated herself to charity. After four years of specialized training, she participated in the half ironman event. There is a great will and strength to fight within every triathlon, this event attracted the attention of the United States and around the world, and this fund-raiser proceeds was to be donated to a charitable organization to aid people in need of medical breakthroughs. Flo Li was proud of her physical strength and ability, the more she can use herself for a cause or any worthy obligations to the community made her proud.

But accidents often occur inadvertently!

Flo Li cycled downhill, in order to go beyond the competitor in front of her, she accelerated to nearly 50mph, suddenly the wheels went out of control, she plunged to the ground, unconscious.

What an unthinkable situation! Half of her face skinless, cheek bone fractured, nearly losing her left eye, with blood everywhere, and the body unable to move, and where is her heartbeat……

Some people said to have called the ambulance immediately, but the experienced rescue workers arrived in ambulance but instead said it would be too slow, the only way was to use an aircraft to left her to a big city hospital, to possibly save her life.

After the rescue, life returned, but lost too many, almost three months, she laid in bed unable to go outside. At that time, she understood the feelings of drug addicts. When she took the painkillers,there was a kind of illusion, she was under the influence of this drug, one can for the time being avoid the immediate pain, feeling a momentary pleasure. Of course, she soon realized that a deeper problem is more psychological.

An intelligent person will not allow themselves to survive in this situation long-term, she began to consider the meaning of life, considered her own fate and her responsibility to her own future. Her fingers hit the keyboard, communicated with the world with the mouse, and slowly, used mathematical chaos models with the aid of a computer to paint pictures.

That was her effort to get rid of the shackles of darkness, but also in its own mystical way to build a bright future. She knew in order to head into the future, there must be a healthy psychological support.

Three months later, a little better, she not only adhered to work, also in her spare time to study psychology and enrolled in MBA. Since then, she also used her psychological knowledge to help relief the suffering of others she encountered.

But what she prefers, is to use the computer to explore fractal art.

She found the cells under the microscope, the engineered designs of an artificial hip-joint, the eddies within a turbulent flow, are all comparably beautiful, just like the changing colors of an autumn leaf. Scholars of fractal art know that this is the form of mathematical models to resolve true natural beauty. 

Today, Flo Li returned to China again, back to Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, one is to show her discovery, but also to share with us in time and space with all the pieces of her life experience worthy of scrutinize and cherish.

People often sigh, life is cruel. When Flo fall in that moment, life is far more cruel to her, yes, quite cruel!

But she survived, she is in the process of making peace with the cruel, God has also unexpectedly opened another door for her to walk through.

Therefore, she is the lucky one.

This lucky one. Fortunately, as we trace back to her luck, it must be that she initially lived in the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, at that time, her neighbor was professor Zhang Xiao-qin. As she took her first steps, she always treasured her own graffiti on paper, eventually got Professor Zhang’s art instruction. And her first sketchbooks, were gifts from Professor Zhang and husband Professor Chen.

Today, Zhang once again showed up to critique her paintings, to state her views, but she also said Flo’s work, to a certain degree, enlightens herself, if discovered earlier, she could have taken her Buddha Enlightenment series art show at Famen Temple using a different tactic and a different perspective. Professor Zhang was very sincere in her remark.

In the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts Library second floor’s exhibition hall, I met Flo Li. She seemed quiet, some what physically weak. But her heart is undoubtedly strong, a tri-degree student can be common, but while this woman received five patents, that is rare. In particular, I think her experience in college, where she and her fellow students designed an auto-scan optical microscope, where one can view different layers of cellular microscopic world is also rare.

I am also a former engineering student, well aware of university invention is not so easy.

She also conducted blood analysis with hardware and software-disciplinary combination with chemical analysis. She also worked for company’s senior management to advance blood testing. Such a needed woman, but lying in bed unable to move, unable to smile into the mirror, only able to perform part of her brian’s instructions… …

Science is often helpless towards psychological suffering. The treatment of the body must rely on science. Fortunately, this contradiction of science and psychology is just a harmonizing process, in her efforts to overcome adversity, she walked on the path toward wholeness and health again.

Her fractals helped her psychologically, later became her accomplishment.

Her paintings helped many people psychologically as well, she talked about some interesting stories. For example the story of a famous lawyer and her turtles.

And we also spoke gently of the past, Flo Li suddenly jumped up like a child delighted running toward to door to greet Professor Zhang Xiao-qun, they hugged each other tightly. In that moment, both were in tears. In the following conversation, their hands were tightly held together. Speaking of art, about her childhood paintings of flying birds, blue sky and white clouds, they held onto each other, as if leaning onto each other give them both a source of power.

I was initially impressed by Flo Li’s experience. However, when viewing her art work, I found myself completely immersed in her work. As early as 10 years ago, I have collected some fractal art, and have really appreciate the work too. Today, it is fair to say that those works were more complex and expressive, but Flo Li’s work touches people different, with her ingredients inside the computer, adding a lot of warm color, inviting you into her heart.

A woman who can touch so many does not only do so with her experience.


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