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Life’s Desire within You

nature flowers

Natural desires are the most basic foundations of life. The key is to recognize what desires come from ego and what desires come from God.

There’s a saying in Chinese – 心同日月 – the direct translation roughly equates to “heart with sun and moon”. The real meaning lies beyond the metaphorical image and hints to a desire so deep so strong that it stems from the desire of nature itself.

When we speak of desire, the mind can often grasp onto ownership – asking something from life – a demand in terms of “what I want is…”; the emotions can often feel the sensations of longing – yearning for something I have yet experience – a wish in terms of “only if I can feel that…” Most of these desires come from us, the little egos – thinking “only if I have that I would be happy.”

There is another kind of desire – something more basic and more instinctual. A desert flower desires the kiss of raindrops. The crops desire the gentle gaze of sunlight. A wife desires being in union with her husband. These are the kinds of desires that stem from life itself. Such life desires are in the form of energy that creates more life, more nature. Without these desires life cannot sustain itself.

The beauty of awakening is seeing the difference between the two. The choices we made as unenlightened beings are often based on the desires of the body, mind and emotions. These choices only lead to suffering and entanglements. Then we spent much of our energy trying to untie the knots we trapped ourselves into – often with little or no success. The gift of awakening allows us to see such entanglements are counter-productive to life, we work against ourselves, against each other and against the natural flow of life. We often stand in the way of what life truly desires within us. Upon the grace of awakening we are beginning to see there is no need to fight against what is natural. We can see there is no need to protect ourselves from the illusions of fear. All is well – even these instinctual desires we might have judged in the past are really just another form of pure love. As we open ourselves more to what is true within us, we can listen more deeply, sense our 道 (Tao) more distinctively and follow the path that is uniquely meant for us.

This is when life becomes magical. We no longer require a set of circumstances to be happy, we are naturally blissful. We no longer need to own anything to feel valuable because the entire universe is throbbing within us. A sense of overwhelming gratitude arises within us without us reminding ourselves to be thankful. Things just happen not because we have set it as a goal but because we are being true to ourselves and in harmony with all that is. Life becomes a breeze. The manifestation of such desires is unique within each and every one of us.  As you might have heard, O Sensei – the founder of 合气道 (aikido) felt a sense of duty to bring-forth the art of peace into the world. He cannot NOT do it. Through his poetry he expressed the desires of the heaven so strong within him, guiding him, and later in life, the desire of the heaven became him. He became 合气道 – in complete harmony with the energy of his unique path melting into all that is…

It takes tremendous courage to recognize our untruth, our entanglements and our resistance. It takes a warrior to follow the path of aiki, letting go the desires of the ego and be in complete harmony with life itself. To follow such deep desires will undoubtedly lead you to your unique path of self-actualization.

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m seeing, in your writing, an awakening of your own, an opening to possibilities previously avoided due to fear. Yes?

    Comment by Daryl Sawyer | March 21, 2012 | Reply

    • correct. It’s been quite a process – especially with my strong ego – LOL~

      Comment by Flo Li | March 21, 2012 | Reply

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      Comment by Gina | May 16, 2017 | Reply

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    • Great work on this website. I am new to the uke and found this site a great help. Can I request the tabs to the intro to “Rise” or could you point me to it?Again, thanks.

      Comment by http://autofinanzierungz.pw/ | August 31, 2017 | Reply

  2. My thought, simply and then not so simply arrived at. Truth is being capable of not lying. Objective reality is not fear of the unknown, there is no reason for it. Circumstances exist, however free from is the ability to deal with..
    I have arrived at an ability with Flo that hasn’t really existed with myself in the past. In the short period of time I known her I have acquired the ability to say, I love you Flo. Frank

    Comment by Frank Seidl | March 30, 2012 | Reply

    • merci Frank. I’m amazed how we’ve never met in person yet our twitter introduction blossomed so beautifully into such a wonderful friendship. I value your honesty tremendously and je t’aime aussi!

      Comment by Flo Li | March 30, 2012 | Reply

      • Twitter of all places! Ha Frank

        Comment by Frank Seidl | March 31, 2012 | Reply

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