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Life after Realization

chinese watercolor goddess serenading the moon

After Realization – life becomes a beautiful expression of poetry and you are a part of it.

There has been waves of awakening happening all around us. People of all colors, all shapes and backgrounds are coming into the realization beyond the boundaries of form that once constricted us and separated us.

The old man from the dog park once asked me if I ever discarded a piece of artistic creation. As I told him no, his eyes glittered with love and replied, “I know, the universe is inherently beautiful.”

The key-maker from the hardware store smiled with such genuine generosity, it didn’t matter his age, his skin tone, and his piercings are all sources of societal judgement, his love pierced through the hardest of hearts.

If you can feel the profound depth in these simple incidences then feel free to read on.

Life after Realization (with the capital R) is profoundly different. There are so many spiritual texts leading you to the doorway of Realization but never walked through the gate with you. Wondering around the front yard of Heaven, we are left to experience the ecstasy and confusion of leaving the familiar life behind and yet to know how to act within the gates of Heaven. We know Self-Actualization comes after Self-Realization but how do we actualize? Once we ask the question of “how?” we are no longer frolicking the grounds of Heaven. Once we fixate on a desire, Hell appears to greet us again.

For most people, life after Realization can be the most challenging times they will ever experience. It is literally between the death of the self and rebirth of the Self. Before Realization we can all relate to tribal accepted believes and behaviors but after Realization somehow we ended up in a parallel universe and all of a sudden we don’t know anything at all. Other people might even look at us and wondering what is wrong with us. One day after an amazing meditation I was in the state of rapture as I headed to the park and found myself accused of being drunk in the middle of the day. I didn’t know how to reply, I just laughed and stayed there nevertheless.

Life after Realization becomes a moment to moment expression. You are no longer in control of your life, your time, or what happens. Life is no longer filled with goals you must obtain or things you must possess. Life becomes a beautiful expression of poetry and you are a part of it. This is when you become the passenger while God is the driver. You begin to feel exactly where you are needed from one moment to the next. And it is nothing like you had imagined at all. Fear might arise as we walk into the unknown, resistance will sneak up on you amid bliss, all you need is to connect to the deeper parts of who you are. You will feel happiness and sadness, but you will know even the tears are beautiful. You will not know what to do, but somehow the do-ing comes from your be-ing. While your be-ing-ness shines through, no matter where you are, the blind will once again see clarity – even if just a split second. You don’t have to preach awakening, awakening will happen in your presence. You don’t have to force yourself to love, love will naturally come-forth.

Don’t grab on. Relax. And enjoy the ride.

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  1. Reblogged this on Fancy Nancy says…. and commented:
    Just beautiful

    Comment by nancynywoman | July 19, 2012 | Reply

  2. Self-actulization is not my vocabulary, however “the unknown” and how it is dealt with is. Usually I refer to it as a place that I prefer to exist in. Working with Art, if you want new, you have to be able to let go. The larger part of society lives on crutches instead. I detest their existence and their imposition, though generally I leave it alone. They are not the creative process, though they won’t admit it.

    I was reading your first blog Flo. When I was 27, living across the street from MCAD’s campus a 10 year relationship between myself and my X-wife came to a one day abrupt end. Only 4 of those years were marriage, another 2 the Marine Corps. 4 were a split income college student circumstance. I am wondering when this relationship had a chance. Toward the end I felt it was an obligation that I couldn’t justify living. It ended however. I caused it, though I doubt that anybody could really tell.

    So, one day I stood on the sidewalk across from College and ten a year relationship ended in a one day on a same day decision. It’s quite an experience, I have never felt anything like it before nor since. That was several years ago now. I’m happy about that.


    Comment by Frank Seidl | August 2, 2012 | Reply

  3. Exceptionally put kindred. Very reassuring and brimming with truth stemming from experience. I love this post. Its like an essential puzzle piece jumping right into view at exactly the right time. Thank you for sharing this.

    Comment by Daiikiru Akasha Maximillion | August 19, 2012 | Reply

    • Glad to share the path, Love. I am also deeply touched by your words and your beauty. One Love.

      Comment by Flo Li | August 19, 2012 | Reply

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