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Stages of Self Realization

Are you living your Best Life?
Free of anxiety?
Free of comparison?
Free of the need to be liked?

Are you living Your Life?
Uncompromising Serenity,
Unexpected Adventures,
Transcending All Challenges?

Are you living Life?
Flowing without Resistance,
Loving without Reservation,
Letting all Spontaneous Experiences happen Naturally?

Are you Life?
All happenings play and subside in You…
As you are the watcher, the non-doer, the stability of all movements.
You are the Light of Awareness that sees All.

You are LIFE

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See the Blessing in All Things

“When the world pushes you to your knees, you’re in the perfect position to pray.” – Rumi

During my teenage years, I struggled internally. Didn’t know where I fit in and who to model against, I had taken on some cool friendships that seemed exciting at the time but somehow led my inner world into a darker place. Feeling lost, I sat in a corner bookstore just to hide. And a tiny book fell on my lap being pushed from the other side. I picked up the tiny book and flipped through the pages.

That tiny book was called “Positive Charges : 544 Ways to Stay Upbeat During Downbeat Times.”

Contemplating through the pages, I started to feel a sense of hope as each simple phrase re-focused my mind to see things in a different perspective – a renewed light. There was a feeling of sparks of hope that perhaps I am able to overcome tough times.

Years later, as I became an aikido instructor, I repurchased this book so I could offer some positive charges for the kids and teens that felt lost like I did. What was the secret ingredient in this book? To help you see life’s challenges are not a curse, but opportunities to grow.

I’ve also noticed people who have trained in martial ways tend to be thankful for physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges while others tend to curse these blessings in disguise. In aikido, we use each experience (such as any oncoming attack) to train and strengthen ourselves. It has been incredible to watch the teenage black belts sincerely thanking an honest attack even when one fails to counter.

During my second degree black belt test, I was told to attack my partner with full force with a wooden knife when clearly he was exhausted and had no strength to move. I stabbed him repeatedly and whenever I was holding back, sensei yelled to charge fully. I watched myself “hurting” him and yet his attitude welcomed each attack as an opportunity to readjust his position. Until one full thrust where I thought I had gotten him in the solar plexus but only to discover myself had stabbed the air and fell completely into the void.

My repeated attacks allowed him to find a deeper stillness within himself, and he later described from that quiet place within, things somehow slowed down, and a pathway appeared in front of him and that was his salvation. From the bystanders perspective, he had shifted two inches to his left as I aimed slightly to the right (which didn’t require much strength on his part) and such tiny movement created a void for him to disappear from my attack.

Later as we shared a well-deserved Quebec celebration with beer and poutine, my partner quoted a famous Rumi saying, “Lorsque le monde vous met à genoux, vous êtes dans la position idéale pour prier.” We all laughed, and needless to say, sensei laughed the loudest.

Life happens for you – not against you.

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