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The Contrast of Black and White

I know of two men.
One tough, one tender.
One muscular, one slim.
One proud, one humble.
Seduction of my head the first man takes.
That is what I know.
Gifts of jewels, drinks of intoxication, demonstration of affection…
That is what I know.
Softens my heart the second man melts.
That is what I feel.
Moments of glistening, gazes of sagacity, breath of eternity…
That is what I feel.
Who will I soar with into the infinite height?
Jump into worldly intoxication I must.
I choose to give it a try.
Crimson wine, golden lipstick, silver bracelet, black dress, dazzling vulgarity.
Exciting, grandiose, pretentious, dangerous… empty have I.
BOOM! The masterpiece turns to dusty counterfeit, crumbles at night.
Wake me up from this dream I pray insight.
Looking into the mirror I finally see why.
For he the grand is I with contrived bravado inside.
Now I have learned the true colors of black and white.
Tomorrow I wish to dream a different dream.
Closing my eyes I finally feel alright.
For he the fond is what I choose to stride.
Now I have gained the true peace of black and white.
Ying within the Yang

Contrasting Black and White - Ying within the Yang

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