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How Clean Is Your Wine Glass?


Clean Wine Glass

How Clean Is Your Wine Glass?


“What?” you might be thinking, “what does my wine glass has anything to do with my wellbeing?”

More than you can imagine!

Let’s me tell you a funny story.

This morning I woke up craving a hot bowl of ramen soup. I was delighted to know that I have become a decent ramen chef in the past few weeks. Gladly I grabbed the most beautiful ingredients from the refrigerator to began my creation. As I cut into the vegetables, I carefully made sure the width are exactly the same and the slicing motions of my knife are out of love. The spices were slowly added to the steaming noodle soup with tender care. Within minutes the soup was done and I carefully poured every drop into a big white bowl to show off its brilliance. Next, I arranged the red and the green vegetables, the yellow eggs, the white tofu into the shape of a glowing sun on top of the ramen. And voila! My creation was complete.

Smiling to myself, I laid out the most beautiful placemat on the patio table, brought out the big bowl of steaming ramen, and sat down on the soft cushioned chair with my delicate designer chopsticks.

“Ah, now it is perfect!” So I thought to myself and took a big sip from the bowl…

“Hmmmm….” Something didn’t taste right. The ramen soup had a unidentifiable flavor that I was not familiar with. So I took another sip. Unnoticed and unseen, somehow bits of un-rinsed soup snuck its way into my beautiful creation. YUCK! The soup tasted horrible with this uninvited addition and my seemingly perfect bowl of ramen is now beyond resurrection.

Lesson learned – “keep your container clean!”

So, is your wine glass clean? Imagine the best bordeaux being poured into your wine glass… The crimson brilliance giving itself fully to serve you, to marge with you, to become a part you. If your glass is glowing like a polished diamond, would you taste the true sweetness it has to offer? On the other hand, if your glass is filled with soup scum and fingerprints, would you taste the true sweetness it has to offer?

Life is just like that. Have you ever wondered how two people can share exactly the same experience and come out with completely different results and different feelings? It has a lot to do with the cleanliness of their wine glass. As for me, I have been to the most beautiful resort but did not enjoy a single moment because my wine glass was not clean. My cluttered mind and my depressed emotional state distorted my experience. Because the quality of my interior state, I did not enjoy the best that was offered to me. Your mind is your wine glass. When you are clean and spotless, you can experience the true essence of your bordeaux, your exotic vacation, and your friend’s hug. You can enjoy the sweetness each has to offer. However, if your wine glass is filled with fingerprints from years ago, if your mind is cluttered with yesterday’s trash, I can assure you that your experience of life is distorted.

Today I have learned the importance of keeping my ramen bowl clean and my wine glass clean. Tomorrow I can’t wait to see the true colors of the rainbow.

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