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What is a “Broken Heart”?

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Dealing with the burdens of a "broken heart" can stop the flow of love into your life

What is a “broken heart” and what can help us heal from such emotional trauma?

When we hold grudges against someone, no matter consciously or unconsciously, it hurts us. The pain can sometimes be sharp and other times dull and numb. This undercurrent of pain blocks the flow of love to and from us. We become hard in some way, and that damages us inside, physically, emotionally and energetically. When we refer to a “broken heart”, we are talking about a physical sensation or emotional upheavals in the body. The discomfort is caused by thoughts such as “our partner doesn’t love us any more” or “what if I will end up alone for the rest of my life”. Thoughts and feelings of a “broken heart” are very painful therefore we must armor ourselves against any other possible chances of getting hurt again. This armor is an energetic wall we build up around our heart, ignored for long periods of times can cause further physical problems such as heart diseases.

The problem is really not the heart itself but our fantasies of holding onto the things that are dear to our hearts. Somewhere along our path we bought into the ideas of how things should be. This often involves a happily ever after in love relationships. Changes happen and happily ever after is as real as Santa Claus. When something we hold so dear to our hearts end so abruptly, our whole world is turned upside down as we lose control of our emotions, our lives, and our personal power. We often don’t want to face the fact that our fantasies have been shattered. It hurts too much. It hurts to face the reality of “what is” so we create scenarios of what might happen. “He will realize that he made a mistake and come back to me” or “one day he will regret his decision to leave me and that it will be too late” is the kind of thinking that get us deeper and deeper into our self created drama. Our mind will often go over the stories again and again, running around in circles until we are no longer able to function optimally in our own lives. It is very difficult to let go completely of the people who we feel have hurt us, betrayed us, or abandoned us. Most of us either 1) go on carrying an illusion that one day everything will be ok if we just ignore the pain and our love will be miraculously be rekindled or 2) we carry hate and revenge against anyone who has said something or done something that caused us pain. Both of these are unhealthy and carry a lot of emotional reactions whenever something reminds us of them. Most of times no matter how hard we try to stay positive, focused, and upbeat, the underlying pain is sitting there and always peak its head when we are most vulnerable. Both of these ways are burdensome to ourselves as we put up our energetic wall around our hearts. This way of being offers tremendous amount of damage to ourselves as we are not able to move forward to embrace life and love. It is a terrible thing waiting for life to happen as our self-esteem and confidence slowly corrode away. We never seem to get life started and we fear of wasting our life away yet we don’t know how to move forward.

The only way to really move on is to let go.

Ways to let go
1) See the lessons or gifts they have brought into your life;
2) Heal yourself from past wounds;
3) Slowly let down your heart wall so you can allow yourself to be loved again.

It takes tremendous amount courage to self-examine your life and check if you are holding any grudges that is keeping you stuck. If you do choose to make a decision to let go the past, I have written an eBook to help you heal your “broken heart” the simple way in a step-by-step guide. Please visit www.endHeartbreak.com to download the free eBook. Remember, the process of healing your broken heart is to clean yourself free of burden and become emotionally free to give and receive love in a pure and authentic way. To your success!

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