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How to Survive The 2009 Holiday Season by Listening With Your Heart

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Looking forward to your holiday dinners but not the holiday blues?

How to Survive The 2009 Holiday Season by Listening With Your Heart

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San Diego, CA (PRWEB) November 25, 2009 — The holiday season is a very stressful time for most Americans. Family relationships during the holidays have often triggered conflicts, agitations, and unhappy memories. Within hours of being together, peace and joy can quickly be tossed out of the window. Upon the release of her new book Happiness by Definition, relationships expert Flo Li shows us that we can bring happiness and joy into our everyday lives to transform family dynamics from fizzle to fab.

“The key to a successful relationship is to recognize underneath all the nagging, demands and scrutiny, there is only love.” In her book, Li helps readers to take notice that happiness and love is natural and always exist underneath the clutter of mental conflicts. To some, doubts might linger as they wonder why so many loving individuals still suffer the holiday blues? “Lack of understanding,” says Li. According to the author, so many of us wish to be understood instead of willing to understand. Wishing to be understood can only bring endless headaches because we can never change someone’s mind by forcing a point of view. She advises, “to develop a healthy long-term relationship takes more than just timely communication but also the willingness to see from the other person’s perspective. And to form a healthy family dynamic, it is best to listen with your heart, be honest but tactful, and don’t react.”

The book guides the readers to listen with their hearts and tap into the boundless power of compassion. It magnifies the idea that people can be happy and affectionate by opening their hearts, by listening without reacting and imposing the need to be right. Happiness by Definition creates more opportunities to communicate honestly with oneself as well as another and by taking the other person’s feelings into consideration. For sure, it is simple but it will not be easy. Just like carving a turkey, the first time might be a mess but the more practice, the more graceful a healthy communication will become. And yes, this holiday season can truly be peace and joy without all the drama of the holiday blues.

More about the book, check out http://tinyurl.com/happinessbd

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