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You Want Intimacy?

What if we truly became intimate with love and life from moment to moment? What if we can break out from our old patterns and live in the present moment?

How many people out there want true love, intimacy, or be in a state of complete oneness? What’s standing in the way to our most innate desires?

Recently I’ve noticed something very interesting about human interactions. Most people are not capable of deep intimacy because they are not living in the present moment.

Not long ago a friend asked me how I am doing. I gladly told him the confusion I was experiencing after awakening snuck up on me a few months ago and stole all that I called “myself”. I felt like a computer crash when all the files I depended on disappeared over night. I was left with nothing. I became a big nothing. Nowadays sailing on an uncharted territory I feel like an airhead with no thoughts to grab onto or memories to rely on. Enjoying an unfiltered sense of humor, I giggled when I told him that all I can do is navigate my way around from moment to moment and I “warned” him that I might just blank out on him.

“Oh, don’t feel sorry for yourself!” He told me sharply without losing a beat.

Hmmm… What? It took me a few seconds to understand his reply. Then it took me even longer to realize that he wasn’t talking to me – he was talking to himself. From his perspective I sounded like I was a victim because from where he stands that is probably what he would’ve felt. He did not sense my joy and wonder, instead, he projected his own pain into my picture. He thought he was having a conversation with me but he really was responding to a part within himself. Then he went on to give me a lecture about how lonely I must feel and that I must seek out help. Hmmm… Interesting. And Frustrating. He wasn’t sharing the same point in space/time with me, instead, he was responding to his old programming. Needless to say, our conversation ended quickly. Later he told me how intimate and connected he always feels when we talk and he assured me that he completely understands where I am.

O.K. No comment.

Unfortunately this is how most humans interact. No wonder close friendships and romantic relationships are so difficult. Most of us have a record player in our head that plays old thoughts and conversations over and over again. Even when we interact with a new person or a new situation we are still plugged into the past. Behaviors are pre-determined by our past programming and we literally live in an endless loop like the movie Groundhog’s Day. We respond by selecting from memory a list of old patterns we possess. There is no room for anything new. Even when life brings something new for us to experience, our view can only be polluted by the same old thoughts, behaviors, and patterns.

Have you noticed that people who are more spiritually awaken have greater capacity for intimacy? They are available to love, to share, and to just be. They are not tied down into a story they tell themselves about what reality is. They live in reality. They live in the now. The only way to experience true intimacy is to live in the present moment anew – gazing with wondrous innocent eyes. In a way we must be willing to ditch the old record player and let the thoughts float away like balloons into the sky. When we are not identified with our thoughts our emotional body tends to free up equally. When our emotional body opens up then we are no longer unnecessarily contracting our energy or protecting ourselves. Only by not pulling back into our shells are we able to participate in a real and honest relationship. Would you rather talk to someone who truly listens to you at the deepest level or someone interprets your words with their own definition? Would you rather make love to someone tense and bottled-up or someone sensual and free?

In a way our spiritual path must be that of our own. We all walk alone in our own journey on the path towards matured enlightenment. When we awake we discover that there is only the One, and the One is perfectly eternally alone. Yet the One is never lonely. Being lonely is impossible when the whole entire universe is your lover – tenderly, intimately, in bliss.

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Golden Compass

The Direction of My Travel

The Direction of My Travel

As we are traveling on our spiritual path feeling out of touch at times, we wonder if we are still heading in the right direction. We can often feel lost or disorientated when we never received a list of instructions or a well marked map. The world can seem foggy and no matter how many electronic gadgets we purchase, they still can’t give us a sense of direction.

I often asked myself
“Shall I take the right turn or the left turn?”
“Do I listen to my head or my heart?”
“Is it time to push through or move on?”

A lot of times I don’t have the answers but I have secretly wished for a Golden Compass – to let me know if I’m heading Home… I’ve looked into tarot cards, horoscopes, or even the stock market to let me know if I’m still on my proper path in life, but they’ve always failed me. Today, as I looked into my soul, I realized that Golden Compass I had wished for has always been there… It has always been guiding me, but sometimes I just don’t see it.

The anatomy of my golden compass consists of  three major components – the Resonance, the Present Moment, and the Learning. Each of these components are essential for the understanding of the whole operating system and therefore leading to the clear direction of your journey.

The Resonance
Definition: an excited state of a stable particle causing a sharp maximum in the probability of absorption of electromagnetic radiation.
Meaning: The increasing in resonance can be felt by how excited you feel internally. The radiation is God, and the particle is you. As your resonant at an excited state (or higher state), you are closer to God.
Why it is important: It tells you if the external event matches your natural frequency, in other words, if the choice of turning left matches an excited state then it is your path. This “right” choice will excite you, inspire you, and enable your growth.

The Present Moment
Definition: The present moment is the time that is perceived directly, not as a recollection or a speculation. It is often considered as a hyperplane in space-time – called the NOW.
Meaning: The present moment is not based on a memory of anchored belief systems or a fantasy of what could potentially happen at a later time. It is the sensation, the feelings, and the involvement of what is in front of us right here, right now.
Why it is important: Sometimes our vision can be clouded by our memories or our fantasies when we drift into the past or the future. When our vision becomes clouded, we do not see the world as it is and we end up judging the world from a distorted view. This can make a bright path seem dark and fearful or a dead end seem safe and easy. So by being totally involved in the present moment, you are more able to see things for how they are – right here, right now.

The Learning
Definition: The process of acquiring new knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, preferences or understanding through new exposures, observations and experiences.
Meaning: It is the steps or series of events, feelings, and developments contributing to a new understanding.
Why it is important: What we know to be true is always changing and evolving. What I believe to be scary at 5 years old is no longer scary to me today. Our need to repress individualized thinking globally is evolving into differentiated but collective collaborations. The fastest way to reach a group of people a hundred years ago is no longer the same as today. As our world evolves, we need to be evolving with it. Our ability to learn, to gain new insights, and drop old beliefs are essential to stay on track in this ever changing terrain.

My current Golden Compass settings – Resonance=HIGH, Time=NOW, Learning=MED

My Golden Compass has certainly guided me through my dark moments in the past few weeks during my travel. I certainly hope you will be able to find your Golden Compass as well. Learn to read each of the three major components and use them together to guide you through the June gloom. Use these components of your Golden Compass with gratitude. It will enable you to travel safely, joyously, and most importantly, in the right direction.

Safe and exciting travels everyone!

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