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Let the Story Write Itself

Enjoy Each Moment as It Comes

Enjoy Each Moment as It Comes

Lately as I’m becoming more and more aware, I have noticed how often I fought against the natural process instead of flowing along with it. I’ve always planned for life to happen a certain way. I worked with the Franklin Covey system to be on top of my game. I time managed every hour of the day. I felt guilty when I didn’t get all the things done on my list. Sometimes I even structured my blogs to be as linear as possible. Even for my love life, I made a list of the perfect man I wished to have in my life including his height, background, career, activities, spiritual practice, etc… Somehow the universe did bring what I asked for, but the exact outcomes never seemed to work out the way I’ve planned.

This morning as my boyfriend and I fed the ducks along the glistering lake, I felt so blessed to bath in nature with him by my side. It has been nearly three months now since our first date. And today he wanted to know if there’s a possibility of us in my ultimate future. It surprised me initially, because recently as I allowed myself to enjoy life’s unfoldment, I had stopped planning my moments. To have this incredible man ask me for more intimacy has certainly not been a part of my plan, somehow it just happened. As I watched each moment extend into the next moment, I no longer felt anxious or stressed. Somehow my life’s story started to write itself. I am happier and more peaceful than ever.

I couldn’t help but wonder what is this story called life anyway. Do I have control over how the story unfolds? Or has the story already been written and we are simply following each act one by one? Either way as I participate in my life story, do I chose to live through it embracing each moments or fight it as it comes? The intelligent thing to do is to “relax” for sure. Sadhguru talks about how if this moment is what you want, you are happy, isn’t it? So instead of asking the universe to fit your agenda, why not be happy for the moments life hands to you? And instead of trying to play a game of cheese with life and manipulate the outcome of your life story, wouldn’t it be more fun if you allowed yourself to flowed with the universe and allow your story to write itself?

Hmmmm, I wonder where I will go next. There are always wonderful prizes no matter which path comes up next as long as we remain in awe of the unfoldment process. Life is full of lessons for the heart – have the courage to embrace your moments with the love within your heart – you shall be blessed.

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