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The Snowball Effect

Small things can add up to be too big to handle...

Small things can add up to be too big to handle...

I told a white lie.  It was best to agree with her when she’s feeling down, so I thought.  I held her hand and lied.  I couldn’t possibly tell her the truth.  It would devastate her.  And besides such a small lie is too harmless to be noticed.

Well, life is never that simple, is it?  Of course the little lie I told somehow had to be covered up in layers of other lies and before I had a chance to correct my course, a huge snowball was rolling down the hill full speed and I have nowhere to hide…

Great.  Just what I needed.  Another mess I’ve created for being too nice.  Seems as if whenever I want to make things right, something would back fire and show me what I thought was best is often not what’s actually best.

How much needless suffering has gone into building layers and layers of covering to conceal the original lie?  I can’t help to think perhaps the best way is to just tell the truth from the beginning.  Maybe it is not the most comfortable thing to do but it will save us a lot of trouble later on.

If the core is pure then no layers will ever need to be added to hide what’s real, right?

What if we can simply speak the truth from the beginning?  What if we can be honest with one another?  Are you willing?  I think I’m going to give it a go.

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