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I Am Ready

La Vida en Rosa by Tania Alcala

If love is safe and certain, I shall jump head first copyright La Vida en Rosa by Tania Alcala

“If I could be certain of your love, from what your words and face display, which often conceal a changing mind;

If external signs revealed what the mind conceals within, so that a person were not so often entrapped by deceit,

I would cast aside this fear, for which, however I tried to protect myself, I would be mocked as simple and unwise…

And if you truly love me, it grieves me very much that you do not reveal yourself by deeds,

as a man who loves truly usually does:

I am sorry, on one hand, that you feel pain, and on the other hand you frustrate me in my desire to satisfy your true love.

I am ready to walk in step with you, and I will love you beyond any doubt,

My heart falls in love with virtues, and you, who possess so many of them that in you all the finest wisdom dwells,

I yearn and long to have a good reason to love you: decide what you think best, for every outcome depends on your will.”

– words of Veronica Franco (translated by Ann Rosalind Jones and Margaret F. Rosenthal)

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Love’s Angelic Wings


Love and its spectrum of beauty. True love is not what they have painted it to be. It triggers with pain yet shines with glory that uplifts you into the embrace of its angelic wings.

Have you wondered what love is?

I have come to know that most people don’t know what love is.  They see what might look promising on the outside in terms of common interest and shared experiences while never getting deep inside to what is truly important.

Love is deeper than what you do together.  It is a way of being, a way of relating, and a way to mutual growth.  A passive friend who is difficult to connect with saw the outside images and believed it to be love yet she never opened up her eyes to see the deeper love brewing in front of her eyes.  I can’t help but wonder how many people go through life just by acting out the motions of living instead of truly being engaged with every moment.  What I saw in her was a sense of innocent beauty coupled with ice cold denial.  She grabbed onto the pictures of pretend perfection and turned her cheeks away from the embrace of true love.  It played the melody into the highest glory yet she did not hear.  She tightly grabbed onto what she knew.  I shed her tears and it turned into snow.  I secretly hoped that one day she will wake up to the true sunshine of love – the love that is filled with intimacy, uncertainty, wonder, confusion, tenderness, understanding, healing, forgiveness, non-judgment, acceptance, joy, freedom, beauty, fear, courage, momentary attachment, sparks of inspiration; love that makes you be on the edge, inspires you to give yourself completely, pushes you through your own boundaries, and shines with endless glory…

Today I am fulfilled.  How lucky am I to experience the depth of true love and its full spectrum of beauty.  How warm, turbulent yet romantic this past year has danced within us.  How blessed I truly am to be immersed within the love right in front of my eyes.  My heart sings to all the colors of his beauty.  He shall have my undying gratitude and I shall say to him “yes, it is MAGIC!”

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