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What Can Enlightenment Do for You?

In Southern California, our idea of spirituality is "it is ALL ABOUT ME!"

In Southern California, our idea of spirituality is “it is ALL ABOUT ME!”

A friend came to visit. He excitedly told me how the universe gave him everything he wanted from meeting celebrities to being on TV without the chance to allow himself to take a full breath. “I must be in such high vibration that everything’s working out for ME!”

Smiling, without a word, I served him a cold iced-tea with a piece of freshly cut white peach on the side. He pushed it aside and went on to tell me about how people everywhere are stopping with envious stares since he got his amazing six-pack…

In Southern California, there’s a culture of speaking of such things as “cleanse”, “mindfulness”, “detox”, “healing”, “meditation”, “organic”, “yoga”, “reiki”, “zen”, “juicing”, “being in alignment”, “high vibration”,  “unity”, “love”, “enlightenment”… The list goes on and on. Lots of us here eat organic to be in a higher vibration – not as an aware expression but as a concept – for the purpose of becoming better.

In more ways than one, we use yoga, meditation or anything “spiritual” for our own personal gain. When I do an “OM” chanting practice, I can do it in several different ways – 1. I can use it to show those around me how peaceful and spiritual I am, 2. I can use it to open up my energy so my life can run more smoothly; or 3. I can do it with subtle awareness and witness the interconnections and changes as each “OM” progressively expresses through my body. For these three ways, these actions are exactly the same, yet the essence of each are completely different.

Consciously or unconsciously we are always asking “what can Enlightenment do for ME?”

Our collective ego structure is always interested in how to feel better. We find shortcuts in life and indulge ourselves in momentary pleasures often resulting in long drawn-out pain. We use alcohol, television, sports, sex, fashion, games, relationships, politics as ways to escape reality, as ways to turn away from looking within ourselves. As a result, we put on a false mask along with lavishly decorated armors to show the world who we pretend to be.

smart sexy personality purchase

Now this smart sexy personality can be purchased on ebay!

A young lady posts her intellectual achievements, re-shares the latest scientific discoveries, and shows-off how charismatically smart she is so she can gain the approval of her friends – only to find no matter how hard she tries to impress, she still felt like a black hole inside.

La Vérité - Truth (1870), Jules Joseph Lefebvre, oil on canvas, Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France.

La Vérité – Truth (1870), Jules Joseph Lefebvre, oil on canvas, Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France.

An older man got married to a glamorous “trophy” – only to discover 15 years later that he’s trapped in a marriage without ever experiencing true love.

Amy’s Baking Company asked Chef Ramsey to help improve their business, only to not take any feedback and decide that everyone else is wrong. The owners blamed the internet haters and never for a second quietly took a look to see if they themselves are to blame.

Like Chef Ramsey, Enlightenment is not shy to serve you a plate of truth. You might overlook and ignore it for a while, but eventually it will slap you in the face until you wake up to the reality you’ve been avoiding for years.

Yup, I’ve been there. I’ve experienced the personal ego structure to the most delusional level and felt the collective ego structure on the most fundamental level within my own being. Our ego structure cares feverishly about the outer appearances of things while pushing aside the gut feelings, and ignoring the simplest truth.

The last time I witnessed myself asking “what can Enlightenment do for me?” I didn’t expect the honest truth it served me in such a timely manner. I got to look within myself and saw how egotistical my whole life was. All aspects of my life had been contaminated by a self-importance, self-consciousness, fear of failure, fear of looking bad, fear of rejection, a need to be accepted, a need to show-off, and the list goes on and on. I was that young lady, I was that older man, I was the owners of Amy’s Baking Company, and I too once played all parts in these roles. When I looked for what Enlightenment can do for me, I had hoped for a chance to win a million dollars, a top of the line sports car, or a way to look young and beautiful forever. Instead, Enlightenment has a different sense of humor.

For me, Enlightenment was holding up a mirror to reflect where my life was lived as a way to put on a show. It unveiled the naked truth that I avoided for so long – in every area and every moment of my life. I could not run away any longer. This time, I was stripped naked by Enlightenment, with a magnifying glass to examine each and every part of my self, my belief structure, and my hardened delusions. Then it took a scalpel, and surgically removed each and every untruth as they are being revealed – sometimes with insurmountable pain, other times with gentle awareness. The surgery is not complete. It has to be done over time. A time reveals more truth when each moment presents itself.

So if you found yourself asking “what can Enlightenment do for me?” If you are not ready for the truth, run the other way as fast as you can. Because Truth has a way of catching up to you if you are not careful. For some people, they can run and hide until Death comes to claim them. If you happen to slip and fall, know that Truth in her naked form will come with her bright mirror held up high and show you the truth regardless if you want it or not. Usually after putting up a fight, most of us can no longer keep up turning the other way in denials. There is a point that Truth will bring the arrival of Judgment Day when you are least expecting – and blows your masks and armors away without an apology. Truth is not nice. She is Truth. And Truth always wins.

What can Enlightenment do for you?

Enlightenment will strip you clean layer by layer until you recognize the naked truth of who you really are – Empty, Rich, Simple, Love, and Beautiful.

(A special Thanks to this simple and yet honest blog from Dragon Rider One.) 

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  1. Your words reminded me so much of myself, it actually hurts. I was part or all of them you mentioned here. I am crying as your expression exposed me too deeply which I hate to admit. I am laughing because I no longer identify this enlightenment as a goal to advance myself to another spiritual achievement. Thank you. Time for me to “look at the mirror”- Old Chinese saying, it means to really look into myself who I truly am !! not who I think I am !!

    Comment by tai | September 2, 2013 | Reply

    • You wouldn’t know how it feels until you get there. After awakening the clearing of karma happened to you by the work of Grace. It could hurt more than in the past because after you completed the personal karma, it is time to clear out the collective karma – so the archetypical ego structures are also felt deeply in your system. It is a process for us to all look in the mirror. Don’t you feel you are more understanding of other people now?

      Comment by Flo Li | September 2, 2013 | Reply

  2. “Feeling good is a state of sleep” – R. Buckminster Fuller

    Comment by Frank Seidl | September 2, 2013 | Reply

    • WOW! well said. ^_^

      Comment by Flo Li | September 2, 2013 | Reply

  3. Thanks Flo for the ping back! A few thoughts…

    1. There’s nothing wrong with a flashy sports car (I’m an Aston Martin fan), but I’ve promised myself that if the situation comes around where I can buy it, I’d buy in cash rather than in credit – which most people do anyway. I guess I believe that way I can keep myself honest.
    2. Truth to me usually comes in the form of my two Sensei throwing me around the mat, calling me out on my every move – EVERY class (as a black belt candidate it comes with the territory).
    3. The scalpel analogy is pretty good and accurate!
    4. Perhaps enlightenment isn’t so much a “one time done deal” thing. I have the make it a practice – a daily practice. I have an ego – a pretty big one at that! But as my Sensei said (and I paraphrase) “Your ego is a part of you, but you can’t let it control you.”

    Cheers to you and I hope to hear more from you!

    Comment by Fast&FuriousDrew | September 4, 2013 | Reply

  4. Yesterday I sat and observed that Truth is a constant, permeating throughout all that is, while creation is that which filters it into unique forms of expression. Each person was two parts, a conscious vortex of fractured connection to an Infinite All Knowing force, and that God force manifesting uniquely. My sense of being alone was replaced with a sense of being undefined and so much more than I had imagined as I let go of my desire for the love that is my center to be understood however it is not. That acceptance was enough to end seeking more from anyone beyond what naturally will correct and advance them as soon as it does, but not sooner or about me. I understand now I can choose to heal, to love, by filling myself with Truth. And throughout my walk on this earth, I will be okay if I remain unknown by others, or myself.

    Comment by Eric | October 7, 2013 | Reply

    • Beautiful Eric. You have been in my thoughts and always in my heart.

      What a shift in perception since we spoke last time.

      All is well. I feel your senses in your words and all I can say is “ah~” *smiling* (feeling)…

      Comment by Flo Li | October 7, 2013 | Reply

      • I am grateful for your loving thoughts.

        Comment by Eric | October 7, 2013 | Reply

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