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Out of Darkness and Into the Light!

This morning as we performed in the choir at Unity, I saw the blissful experience on the faces of the audience when Rev. Wendy delivered messages of Joy. As we opened our hearts and allowed the music to flow out of ourselves, something magical happened. Something invisible yet undeniably powerful happened. The sun came out while it was raining. Effortless smiles resurfaced on so many faces. Individuals were touched and the choir got standing ovations song after song. We were amazed ourselves. To be honest, this time around, we didn’t have enough people in the choir and the sound system was not working as we stepped into rehearsal at 7am.  Yet somehow after our morning prayer together and letting go the fear of not being good enough, we simply opened our hearts and let it be. Somehow, some way, some form it all worked out so seamlessly.

When I came home, I remembered the looks on a few faces before and after the morning service. The contrast of despair when they walked in and the glowing joy when they walked out seemed nothing short of miraculous. I couldn’t help but to think what can I do to bring forth yet another form to help people bridge the gap to find their way home again–the way back to joy. So I decided to reformat my book Microscopic Expressions of Spirituality into a video and matched with the music I wrote. The amount of energy I got while working on this project was amazing. I was no longer in my head and I once again experienced my own joy spending more than 5 hours nonstop! And for hours 6 and 7, I posted the video on facebook and youtube so others can have access to a little piece of inspiration that uplifts them out of darkness and bring each of us back in the light!

I hope you will enjoy it! If this video has touched you, please pass it forward! Thank you for being a source of light.

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